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By | April 18, 2013

I hadn’t told anybody I’d be back. My parents thought I’d be gone for a few more months. Only my brother knew, I told him because I wanted someone to come and pick me up and surprise my parents. He made a partner in crime, and one of his friends came with him when they picked me up in Brussels.

After a long flight and a drive back home, I took a shower, freshened up and we went to my parents. After the initial surprises, and a day or 2, everything went back to the way it was.
I was glad to be back home, in my own house, with my own books, my own stuff, my own lazy couch, my own kitchen…. but…. Something had changed. Everything seemed smaller, and even though it still felt like my house, the area just didn’t feel like home anymore. I knew I would be leaving again.

There was another reason I wanted to be back in “Belanda”. I was going to take the IDC in my own country in March to become a diving instructor, and then head to Egypt to catch the season and rack in some money and a lot of experience, or so I thought. More about that later, first the IDC.

The IDC (Instructor developers course) was taking place in a town about 3-4 hours from where I lived, so I had to find a cheap place to stay there. Instead of the usual options (guesthouse, homestay, friends/aquantances) my mother came up with the idea for buying a cheap old caravan, and just park at a camping. Good idea, it was winter, WELL out of the season so there were some nice places to be found. We found a nice old caravan that would be easy to sell for about the same price as we bought it (or I could keep it and tour South Europe or something… maybe for the future)
Now I totally overlooked that the water in March would be QUITE cold… Colder than I thought, which it was. 4̊C. Not qualified for a drysuit I ended up wearing 2 7mm wetsutis. One full body suit and a shorty on top of that.

The IDC was intense… There’s not as much focus on diving as there is during your dive master course, there’s a lot more managing involved. I’m not going to discuss it in much detail.

After the IDC, exhausted but with an instructor’s license, I went home. I stayed in the Netherlands for 3 months in total. One month to do the IDC, another one to renovate parts of my house I didn’t finish to rent it out, and one month to start planning and packing for the next journey.

And then I left to Egypt.

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