Reclaimed pallet coffee table

This reclaimed pallet coffee table post is going to be a long one, which lots of images. Be prepared. 🙂 First off, this table is not just made from reclaimed pallet wood, but also from reclaimed pallet metal. It’s one of those projects every DIY person tries to create at one point. Their very own reclaimed pallet coffee… Read More »

Making some trendy boxes

I made a couple of new friends recently who were also into DIY stuff, and one of them had a birthday coming up. She wanted to try and see if we could make some trendy boxes to use as a kind of stackable book case, and then when with handles so you could just pick them up and… Read More »

DIY smaller toolbox

Time for another toolbox. While the other toolbox turned out really nice, it also turned out a bit too big and heavy for my father to use. So I set out to make a smaller one. What I wanted for the original toolbox was for my dad to be able to use it with his chainsaw and tools.… Read More »

DIY Toolbox pallet project

Another thing I made recently is a toolbox from the pile of pallet wood I’ve been gathering since summer. I’ve seen a bunch of videos on youtube about them, in particular the one from Jimmy Diresta here. I liked it, and wanted to make one for my dad. So I got going. This is the end result: And… Read More »

Skyscraper project

It’s been a while since I’ve done any 3D… well… the visualisation part anyway. I do plenty of small projects, but most never make it to my website. I had a look at some older projects and found a skyscraper project I put on hold because… well, a number of things. I was moving between countries again, got… Read More »

Reclaimed wood side table

So here’s the first project I made from this reclaimed wood: A side table. I used 18 planks in this table, roughly 14x80cm. I cut 4 planks in half minus the thickness of the planks so I could make “L” shaped legs with even sides. And 4 in half to make the support for the bottom shelf and… Read More »

Catching the DIY bug

Summer has just ended, and being back after being absent for a while, there were a few renovations and home improvements to be made. Not going to delve too deep into that, but that, and the nice weather made me want to get creative and do stuff with my hands outside with some Do It Yourself (DIY) stuff.… Read More »