Another project which I’m going to call finished is this bathroom. Not too much to tell here. A lot of imported models, and the rest of the layout and props were easy to model and unwrap. The most difficult part here was again, the materials and getting the lighting right. Especially the lighting. That’s one tricky subject to… Read More »

Sharks with frigging lasers

Since my last side project was so much fun to do, I wanted to do another. Now what’s cooler than sharks? In the words of Dr Evil: “Sharks with friggin lasers. Unfortunately, the local computer shop’s 3D printer was malfunctioning, so it never got printed. O well… I uploaded my files to my shapeways shop here. To make… Read More »

Samuel the Shark – 3D print

I needed a break from studying cycles and Archviz, so instead of doing that in the evenings I’ve been doing some old fashioned character modelling again. This time a cartoon shark. I found a few images of sharks online, and I got inspired. I used 1 image in particular as a reference because I liked the style. Unfortunately… Read More »

Designing a logo/brand for a diving website.

Besides exploring graphics and 3D visualization, I’m also an enthusiastic diver, and a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Right now I’m on Saint Martin, and while I have a few nice photos to upload from this sunny place, this post will still be about graphics. Just not 3D, but some old fashioned logos. I’m thinking about running my… Read More »

House Breukelen

About I week ago I ran into (well, in a matter of speaking) a website called This site had a lot of nice architectural models, renders AND tips and tutorials. Being as I’m eager to keep improving my skills, I started to do the House Breukelen tutorial, using very different shading techniques. There are just soo many… Read More »