European Building

Here’s another project which I’m going to call finished by now. An exterior shot of some building with nice columns etc. Most time went into the modelling phase here, and trying to figure out best ways to get all the little doodads and props done. Several arrays were used, as well as linked duplicates. I suppose I could… Read More »

House with a pool

Another project I’m working on, which I may show before the final render is this house. It started off as just being the outside from 1 view, but now I started designing the interior as well, making it both functional and hopefully, aesthetically pleasing. This one may take a while, and there will probably be several smaller projects… Read More »

Try hard, fail harder

Because it’s not yet at the level I want it to be at, but sometimes you have to fail hard to get better. It’s never fun, but it’s part of the game, so best learn from it and move on: I started this project to get better at architectural visualisation, while keeping clean modelling and as few hacks… Read More »

Guggenheim museum render

These are my results to try and recreate the famous Guggenheim museum in New York. Rendering took a long time. Still a lot to learn about cycles and optimization. And next up is the last render from the modern house. I think I made it a bit too reddish… Want to move on to new things though…

More archviz practise

  Another building I’m having a stab at. This is the initial “finished” render. It needs some grime, I also did color corrections in the compositor afterwards, but for some reason that won’t save out… again… Not nice. I need to find out why that keeps happening. All the output nodes are in the right place. On the… Read More »