Back in Bangkok

Last time I was here I didn’t like this place. I thought it was busy, dirty, messy and I didn’t have a clue how to go from one place to another. But last time I only stayed 3 days, didn’t do a lot of research beforehand, didn’t use much of a map and didn’t stay in the regular… Read More »

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

When I landed in Sharm El Sheikh, my course director (the person who taught my IDC) picked me up from the airport since, as luck would have it, she lived in Sharm El Sheikh. Not having to haggle for a taxi, she delivered me to the hotel where I would be staying for the first week. After the… Read More »

Solid ground.

As soon as we entered Malaysia, something strange happened. The roads became better, the sky cleared up, and I felt comfortable again. I had been traveling without closing an eye for more than a day now, but something felt really good. It wasn’t that I was reaching my destination, because I wasn’t. I still had to go through… Read More »

Thailand and tickets.

I went to Bangkok with the night train and stayed 3 days. To me it wasn’t really impressive, but then again, how much can you learn about a place in 3 days? Next time I’ll take more time for Bangkok and the north of Thailand. But I had to be in KL to catch my flight to Sri… Read More »

Farming, future and the road.

After Takengon I went to Blang Kejeren. I just spend the night there. The next day I went to Kutacane, where I met another couch surfer. She was a student and project planner for an agricultural project. There are a lot of poor farmers and families in the area, and they try to make them into better farmers.… Read More »