Catching the DIY bug

By | September 23, 2015

Summer has just ended, and being back after being absent for a while, there were a few renovations and home improvements to be made. Not going to delve too deep into that, but that, and the nice weather made me want to get creative and do stuff with my hands outside with some Do It Yourself (DIY) stuff.

I was lucky enough to find a place where I could take a load of very decent discarded pallets to use in some hobbyist woodworking. My initial plan was to get as much wood sorted out as possible as fast as possible, and then do a few furniture pieces.  However, aside from all the renovations around my house and my parents’ and sister’s house, taking apart pallets with nails just took longer than I thought. Not that I don’t enjoy doing it, I’ve done that plenty of times, just still surprised how time creeps away when you’re busy with them.

Blender DOES come into play as I had made a design for a compact workshop in my teeny tiny tool shed. Up until then it had always been where I stacked stuff. So I did some research and made a design. I don’t use CAD software because I’m soo much more comfortable with blender. All the dimensions match up anyway.

Design for teeny tiny workshop

Design for my teeny tiny workshop

The idea was that I would recycle both wooden pallets, plywood and metal framing, and build this workshop out of it. Unfortunately, didn’t go completely like this because:

  1. I didn’t salvage enough metal framing.
  2. I ended up having so much wood and no space left to store outside that I stored it in my workshop. I also found 2 cheap racks that could hold all my tools and so now I have a decent alternative to the original plan. When I get through the wood and find some more metal framing I might revisit this though. I really like this idea for a small workshop, and larger projects I can take outside.


So even though my workshop didn’t turn out like this (yet) it’s still okay, DIY is about having fun first, and this part was more fun than it may seem. This post may end up getting long, so I’ll just upload some more pictures of the process of recycling the pallets.

First batch of reclaimed wood.

First batch of reclaimed wood.

What I ended up doing is every day after work, just grind away for an hour or 2 and take a few pallets apart.


It started with one pile, these 3 came later. Every time a pile got small, there was a new pile waiting for me to pick them up.



Had to store that wood somewhere, so I made a pallet bin out of pallets. Later I would put it on a plastic pallet and covered it with a tarp, to keep the wood off the floor and away from moist.



The biggest pile I’ve had. Couldn’t open the door properly anymore.



Working on them. Tools of the trade: crow bar, claw hammer, pliers, wooden mallet (although I ended up using the claw hammer and a block of wood way more often) and a saber saw. I took out (almost) every nail.


All piled up with wood.

And the best part? I have another similar pile of reclaimed wood (without nails) at my parents’ place in a small shed as well.

Once all this is turned into something cool I’ll start building that mini workshop. That could take a while though. I once salvaged a lot of 2x4s from long pallets. Still have a pile at my parents’ that we use for renovations and work around the house 🙂

Next post I’ll show what I made with some of this wood.

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