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Guggenheim museum render

These are my results to try and recreate the famous Guggenheim museum in New York. Rendering took a long time. Still a lot to learn about cycles and optimization. And next up is the last render from the modern house. I think I made it a bit too reddish… Want to move on to new things though…

More archviz practise

  Another building I’m having a stab at. This is the initial “finished” render. It needs some grime, I also did color corrections in the compositor afterwards, but for some reason that won’t save out… again… Not nice. I need to find out why that keeps happening. All the output nodes are in the right place. On the… Read More »

Latest render and composite.

I’m about to call this finished, so “Latest render and composite” in the title is a last minute change from “Final render and composite”, because I may end up doing more tweaks to it. My laptop had a hard time crunching this one. In particular the grass. Turned out okay, but not quite as good as I had… Read More »

An outdoor work in progress

A work in progress… next step is the grass… but first: the trees on the outside (the big boxes in the viewport) d not render. They are set to render in the outliner, so I wonder why the **** they don’t just render…

And some more architecture.

So! 2 new images…. of the same scene… Made in Blender and rendered with Cycles. The big one (which will take a LOT longer to load) is a png, and the other one is a jpg which should load nice and fast… the jpg however, has very different colors than the png… Never had or noticed it being… Read More »