Clubbing in Colombo.

By | July 16, 2011

A little while before I started backpacking I had signed up on, to meet new people, make new friends, and maybe save some money on accommodations every now and then. So I was traveling around Sri Lanka, and I wanted to see if I could meet some people. There was someone in Kandy who contacted me, but unfortunately I would not have time to meet him and his family. I would have time to meet someone else in Colombo though. So I asked if she’d like to meet up, and she did. So I met her, her friends and a bunch of other couch-surfers in Colombo. We went out “clubbing” which I hadn’t done in a long time, and actually really enjoyed it.

They were really cool and open-minded people, I even met another dutch guy who lived there. I arrived in Colombo without a place to stay, got fed up with looking for a cheap guest-house/hotel (they were all way overpriced) so I decided to take a bus to Mount Lavinia and just go to the same place I spend the first night last year when I went to do volunteer work. That place was also dirty and would probably be overpriced, but at least I knew where it was and how to get around from there. In the bus however, I met a person who turned out to be an executive at a really big company in Sri Lanka: “John Keells”. He was helping the bus-driver by translating between us. We started talking, and he turned out to be a really great guy, and helped me to find a clean, proper guest-house for a price that is pretty nice in a city like Colombo. I settled in, showered, and around the evening I took a tuk tuk to the place I would meet up with the other couch-surfers. I was warmly welcomed, and after we joined a few others we went out clubbing. It was very enjoyable, and it ended with a few of us who where left watching the sunset on the beach. I said goodbye to them with a promise to contact them next time I am in Sri Lanka, and I went back to the guest-house. After sleeping for an hour or 2 I packed my bags, and took a bus to Hikkaduwa.

Despite the finger, I still think this is a cute photo.

Taking a break from dancing. The girl in the background is the one I met through couch-surfing.

And it ended with a swim in the sea.

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  1. rian

    Nice pics!!! Didn’t know tou actually went couch surfing.


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