European Building

By | November 11, 2014

Here’s another project which I’m going to call finished by now. An exterior shot of some building with nice columns etc. Most time went into the modelling phase here, and trying to figure out best ways to get all the little doodads and props done. Several arrays were used, as well as linked duplicates. I suppose I could have just used arrays all the way, however, linked duplicates made it a bit easier to work on 1 piece at a time without having to disable array modifiers all the time.


The final render composite. Most of the compositing was just some color corrections.

Materials are relatively simple (that’s an area I still have a lot of work on anyway) No bitmap textures were used, just procedural ones. Those would be the default bricks for well, the bricks, and several layers of noise for the bump and grunge. I think next time I will try to use Voronoi for grunge as well. Might have a bit more irregularity than just a procedural noise texture.


A shot of what it looks like in Blender. Wireframe, Render view and composite window/node editor.

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