House Breukelen

By | November 16, 2014

About I week ago I ran into (well, in a matter of speaking) a website called This site had a lot of nice architectural models, renders AND tips and tutorials. Being as I’m eager to keep improving my skills, I started to do the House Breukelen tutorial, using very different shading techniques. There are just soo many options and soo many ways to use the cycles rendering engine.

chocofur house breukelen-wip02

My rendition so far of the Breukelen House.

The bad news: The new ways to set up shaders I found on will take some time to take in. It’s one thing to try and replicate them, it’s quite another to be fully comfortable with them and how they work. More bad news: For this render, I couldn’t quite get the light setup the way I wanted it to. It just didn’t want to do what I want without getting all the white values blown out…. This one just didn’t come out the way I had planned for it.

The good news: I’m getting there, one shader (or shader element) at a time. More good news: sometimes you gotta take a step back before you can take a step forward again. Don’t be afraid to fail, and fail hard, get past it, and get better during the process. The next one will be better. Or the one after that. More good news again: some elements were kinda left messy just to see how it would work out (not good) so it’s easy to fix. Those elements would be the wooden planks and wooden railing for instance. The reason I did that was because they use the solidify and/or array modifier. I should have applied the solidify, redo the UVs on those parts, and then render, but being the curious person that I am I wanted to see if it was something that would look good anyway… Not so much 🙂

chocofur house breukelen-wip03

And that’s what my workspace for this one looks like.

And so we keep going. On a side note, I’ve been in Saint Martin for a while now. I should start doing some posts about travelling again soon…ish.

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