Return to Sri Lanka, again

By | March 5, 2013

It’s been a looong time, how have you been? I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while, then about 3 months ago, I had a lot of posts typed and I was preparing photos for them when one of my bags got stolen on a bus with my netbook and HDD in it…. All my photos, work etc… gone. More on that when I get to that period of time in my blog. First things first, catching up where we left of:

Sri Lanka: I had come to love this place more than ever the second time I was here. This had many reasons, I was more familiar with traveling, dared to go from one unfamiliar pace to the other, but mostly, because I just made a lot more friends here this time around. So I promised to come back, and I was aching to see some of those friends from last time again before I went back home, as I was also starting to get a bit homesick by then.

I landed in Sri Lanka, still tired from the Chaos of traveling from Bangkok straight to Kuala Lumpur and racing around there with friends. I was fresh to get off the plane, grab my bags and find a taxi or tuk tuk to take me to Negombo for the first few days. I had some problems with getting a visa that is too long to explain, make sure you bring USD, since they don’t accept MYR. After a two hour wait I was lucky to find my luggage in good shape still waiting for me.

I stayed in Negombo for a few days, met an old friend, then went on to Kandy. Same story, just relaxed and walk around town without the tourist-have-to-see-this-and-that, and to see a friend I met. She had a new job in a hotel and was lucky to be able to use her hobby (arts, she was GOOD at drawing!) in her work at the hotel, which had an art gallery. Originally I planned to go to Dambulla again because I also had friends there, but unfortunately time might be a bit short for that, and I spend plenty of time there on my previous visit, so I just called them. They were happy nonetheless… I won’t be coming back in a long time, so I feel guilty about it… but … next time…

I went to Hikkaduwa, stayed at the same place, chatted to the same people, and did 2 dives here. This was a bit disappointing to be honest. There is no conservation or a mindset for it. It’s not that the divers don’t have the mindset, it’s just that it’s not doable. Mooring lines are removed by fishermen and nets are dragged over the bottom which kill all that fragile green coral. The pollution is also quite high.

I could devote an entire post to the dive, but that was not the main reason why I came to Hikkaduwa. I came here because I wanted to see another friend whom I had grown really close to and who lives in Ambalangoda. There are no guesthouses there, so I stayed in Hikka. I was going to surprise her, but she surprised me by no longer living there but having moved to Colombo for a job. So instead I went back to Hellabeem, did a bit more welding on the tea nursery, and afterwards left for Colombo. In Colombo I saw my friend again. She had been through a lot the last few months and she was glad we met again. She looked great, and sooo strong. After seeing her I stayed in Colombo for a few days until I caught my flight back home.

Back from the sun to the cold of winter.

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  1. rian

    Back from the sun to the cold of winter, that was februari 2012, to give an inmpression of when this happened….

  2. rian

    But this one is still about your first journey. In the mean time you are allready away for almost a year on a new trip!


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