Sharks with frigging lasers

By | January 2, 2015

Since my last side project was so much fun to do, I wanted to do another.

Now what’s cooler than sharks? In the words of Dr Evil: “Sharks with friggin lasers. Unfortunately, the local computer shop’s 3D printer was malfunctioning, so it never got printed. O well… I uploaded my files to my shapeways shop here.


Hammerhead with a friggin laser cannon!

To make this I started off with a base I had lying around from an old project. Incidentally this one was supposed to become a diver eventually, so the subject is similar 🙂


basic character I made earlier. I changed the head to create our mutant hammerhead shark.

So I took an old sculpture I had, erased the head, and put a new “Hammerhead” on top of it. Then I quickly cooked up a big laser cannon, made a quick rig, posed it, and made another file to be 3D printed.



You feeling lucky? Do ya?


Just hanging around, being awesome…


Got my eyes on you!


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