Skyscraper project

By | November 21, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve done any 3D… well… the visualisation part anyway. I do plenty of small projects, but most never make it to my website. I had a look at some older projects and found a skyscraper project I put on hold because… well, a number of things. I was moving between countries again, got a new job, and basically because I got to the point where I had to design a road plan and model and plant all the tiny details, which was just too darn tedious and took too much time back then…

This time however, I decided I could also turn down my expectations and go for a bit more stylized. First up is the bonus image, and the actual REAL render is at the bottom of the post, because all the other images in this post build up to it.


This is not the finished render. You can find that one down below in this post. This was just a bonus after the final render. It was such a nice block, would be a shame not to do more with it 🙂

There are plenty of things in this Image I’m not happy with, but I’m going to leave this as done. Maybe one day when I’ve modelled more props I’ll revisit it again… maybe not :P.


I started by modelling the main skyscraper, this was a bit trial and error. I’m not going to explain how I modelled it, it’s basically a scaled cylinder/cone. No fancy techniques or anything. After that I modelled a building, and then another one, and another one… and again, to break up the scene, another one. I had a dozen or so unique buildings… probably more.


The hard part was… well… a lot of this was hard… Everything except the modelling. Materials quickly look either too dull or too shiny, grassy fields look too plain or too noisy from a distance… and close up as well actually. Didn’t add trees because they were so damn heavy.


I ended up making a second skyscraper with residential buildings around it as a secondary element in the background. The residential buildings were based off a building in Penang in Malaysia where I used to live for a while. It was all new and shiny then, not even finished yet. I guess by now it must be done.


Buildings on a grey plane.


Hacked in some roads and green areas.


Final render & composite.

When I finally got a shot and tweaked stuff in the compositor to look “nice”… I decided to make another one from a different angle. It’s a shame some of the detail from the buildings doesn’t “pop” out more. Maybe I’ll recycle parts in other projects someday.


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