Solid ground.

By | February 14, 2012

As soon as we entered Malaysia, something strange happened. The roads became better, the sky cleared up, and I felt comfortable again. I had been traveling without closing an eye for more than a day now, but something felt really good. It wasn’t that I was reaching my destination, because I wasn’t. I still had to go through Penang and have a 4/5 hour journey to KL.
No, it was the fact that we were in Malaysia. I looked out the window, saw the street, the factories, the landscape. It looked like home. It felt like home.
I arrived in Penang, and right next to yet another travel agency. I walked in with my hard earned rag of a ticket, hoping that I wouldn’t have to fight to get to KL this time. I told the lady behind the counter that I needed to go to KL and showed her my ticket. I went on to tell her where I bought the first ticket in Bangkok AND I pulled out my phone to show the photos I made of previous tickets, but the lady interrupted me and told me: “it’s okay sir, here is your ticket, the bus leaves in half an hour and there is the bus stop”. Just like that! No fighting or arguments, no haggling over tickets, just a simple, straightforward, helpful and honest answer. And I actually got a REAL ticket! I was almost stunned. I stopped to thank the lady from the bottom of my heart for this service, and told her what kind of trouble it had been to simply get here. She smiled and told me that it was alright, I didn’t need to explain. These things do happen, she gave me some other examples, and told me they are used to it.
I got on the bus. My the busdriver exchanged my ticket for another REAL ticket that proved I was on board, and as soon as everyone was accounted for, we left for KL. Smooth sailing, I felt as if there was some solid ground beneath my feet again.
As luck would have it, when we arrived in Kuala Lumpur I noticed a bus stop that was close to the guest house I stayed last time. So I got out a bit earlier and walked in the guest house at about 03:00 and booked a room. I got a litte bit of sleep and met up with my friends later that day. We went to an Indian restaurant, talked, laughed and drove around to do some sight seeing. The next day I went to see the Petronas Twin Towers, which unfortunately was already sold out on tickets as early as 06:00! That evening I picked a friend up from work and we just walked in the blistering rain for the entire night. Talking, singing, dancing, acting crazy… good fun. I went back to the guest house just in time to catch breakfast. I was soo tired and cold however that I took a shower first, and when I got some dry clothes, fell asleep for 3 hours. Just enough to miss breakfast… I went out to get some food, and went to the Kuala Lumpur tower, which is not as high as the Petronas Twin Towers, but because it stands on a hill, it is higher. After that I went to see my other friends again, went to their block, which had a nice swimming pool. Did some swimming, talked, ate, laughed, went out for a bit and back just in time to go to the airport for my flight to Sri Lanka.
I figured I’d catch up on sleep there….

KLCC next to the Petronas Twin Towers.

Very cool but way to expensive diving watch.

At the basement of the Petronas Twin Towers.

A maquette of the twin towers. Funny detail: the shape of the towers is based on an imported design in the Islam religion.

And the real deal outside.

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Chinese New Year!

The “Menara Kuala Lumpur” or, the KL tower.

You’ll find this sign at the base.

And this is what the bottom looks like.

View over KL from the KL tower.

Multi-colored lights…. Ooooow… pretty…

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