DIY Toolbox pallet project

By | November 30, 2015

Another thing I made recently is a toolbox from the pile of pallet wood I’ve been gathering since summer. I’ve seen a bunch of videos on youtube about them, in particular the one from Jimmy Diresta here. I liked it, and wanted to make one for my dad. So I got going.

This is the end result:

toolbox in use.

Finished toolbox in use.

And this is how I got started:


First I selected 4 boards like this that matched well. I’d later add 2 more for the sides as well.


Glued them in 2 sets and let it dry overnight.

I cut one of them in 2 to make the end pieces.

Cutting the end pieces.

I started with 4 equal boards. I glued them into 2 sets. I then planed and sanded them down until they were “relatively” even. Then I cut one of them in half and made 2 ends out of it.

I added 2 more boards for the sides and sanded everything down.

I added 2 more boards for the sides and sanded everything down.

I cut out dove tails, and fit stuff together.

I cut out dove tails, and fit stuff together.

I cut another groove and added a divider where the fuel container would be. Here I put everything together just to see how it fits.

Putting everything together just to see how it fits.

I cut everything to size and made dove tails to match everything together. As soon as that was done I decided I also wanted a divider to be able to fit a small fuel container in one side, and hand tools like axes in the larger compartment. Because I don’t know how to make these boards completely straight with the tools I have, everything was a bit crooked and didn’t fit perfectly. In one side I had to hammer things into place and in another I added sawdust to fill a gap.

the dovetails didn't fit perfectly, so I used some sawdust as filler in one place, and had to remove material in another. I glued everything up and clamped it. It turned out quite sturdy.

Glued and clamped.

finished toolbox sanded down.

The finished toolbox. Added 2 supports at the bottom.

Then I took everything apart again, added glue and put it back together. I clamped the whole thing down, waited for the glue to dry and sand the whole thing down. Since the 2 sides that made up the body were only glued, I also added 2 support planks at the bottom to make it even sturdier.

Finished toolbox with tools

Finished project filled with tools for the chainsaw.

I then painted the toolbox with 3 layers of paint. This took the longest because I waited 1 full day between layers. The actual toolbox itself took less than a weekend, with 1 day being the drying of the glue.

I made this because:

  1. I liked this as a side project
  2. I wanted to make a cool toolbox to replace an older one my dad was using. Unfortunately, it’s also much heavier than the old one. This one is much sturdier, but because it turned out so heavy, it’ll probably stay in the shed as storage. O well… Still a cool project.

And as a small bonus I also made a small birdhouse.


Clamping the birdhouse.

Clamping the birdhouse.

Finished birdhouse.

Finished birdhouse.

That’s all for now 🙂


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