Try hard, fail harder

By | August 13, 2014

Because it’s not yet at the level I want it to be at, but sometimes you have to fail hard to get better. It’s never fun, but it’s part of the game, so best learn from it and move on:

fail hard on this one, next one should be better

I started this project to get better at architectural visualisation, while keeping clean modelling and as few hacks as possible. The tutorial this was based on had a lot of hacks and kinda messy modelling (like planes for walls instead of solid walls) so I tried to give it my own swing and at least make sure all spaces are airtight. The inside of the house is modelled, even thought it’s basically still an empty box.

Another thing I try to do is to keep the seams for the UV maps as clean as possible, so there’s minimum tweaking to do afterwards in the UV editor. This also tends to keep the scale uniform across elements (AKA, the whole building). This has the added benefit that you can basically swap out (tile-able) textures without worrying too much if your tiling is going to be messed up.


Some more work in progress. Laying out a lot of seams. When placing seams, try to place them as they would in the real world, this tends to help with assigning textures later on. For instance, if you place seams in a corner, instead of having a texture “bend” around that corner (like say, bricks), you can slide one segment a bit in the UV editor and the texture could align better.


I start with separating the materials early on, makes unwrapping and placing the seams a bit easier. I try to use different colours in the viewport for each material to make it easy to find.


I’m not happy with the result, far from it, but at least I got it done and I learned stuff from it. So still a win… Try hard, fail harder.

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