What’s cooking – Kitchen Archviz

By | October 15, 2014

Here’s another project I think I’m going to call finished now. A kitchen:


The final render + composite. Blender and Cycles.

Creating this took longer than I thought it would. Mainly because I was trying to come up with a solution to keep every cupboard unwrapped in the same scale, and setup in such a way that I could just add seams, hit unwrap, and have the process unwrap everything nice with straight, perpendicular angles with a shared scale.


First steps of modelling. Around this point is where I started to look for a solution for the unwrapping.

I ended up using an add-on that came bundled with Blender called “Texture Atlas”. This add-on is useful for creating light maps according to the documentation, but it’s main use for me was that it basically unwrapped everything in a group as if it was a single object, so everything I added to the group would receive the same texture and have the same scaling.


Almost everything modelled, props imported and in place. Still making a new stove, adding some small details here and there, and then render the whole thing.

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